A Message To Parents


Hello Parents & Guardians!

My name is Morgan DeRieux and I am the Youth Pastor at Belcroft Bible Church located in Bowie, MD. The picture to the left shows myself with my family. I am heading up Kids Hero Club in my hometown with the help of my wife (Beka), Sons (Anthony & Mo), daughters (Aliyah & Delphia), and my church family. Two of my children currently attend TGES.

The idea of a “Hero Club” came to me four years ago. I had been involved in many great kid activities like Vacation Bible School, Child Evangelism Fellowship. A.W.A.N.A., and other great clubs. And though those are great clubs I wanted to provide something for my local community that my church could do our ourselves. From there God gave me the idea of doing a Hero Club.

What is a Hero Club? Hero Club is a week long activity for children from Kindergarten through 5th Grade during the summer. The main objective is to teach kids about the Ultimate Hero in the Bible, and to equip and train them to be “Little Heroes” in their own communities. They will be taught many different Hero traits from the Bible (i.e. respect, forgiveness, patience, truthfulness, and more).

All these wonderful qualities will be taught through puppets, lessons, group activities, music, games, crafts, and more!

Please feel free to contact me for more info. You can email me at Morgan.DeRieux@BelcroftBibleChurch.org.